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20+ years experience in the computing field, Installations, Systems Administration, Maintenance and Development. Special skill set includes a deep understading and knowledge of Linux/Unix/macOS and other Unix like systems.

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Linux / Unix / macOS

Now a days Linux is the main Operating System with which i work. Desktop, server, Beowulf clusters, Cloud, been their did that got the t-shirt. Checkout some of my Unix / Linux / macOS projects and skills below. Administrarion, Security, all types Network services. I have years of experience in their use.



Project development in Perl, Javascript, Swift, C and Shell scripting. Database integration, systems arquitecture programming. Network and Web programming including systems automation.



Hardware and Software. Full stack network understanding from the application level to the physical device level. Hardware installations and network setup and testing. Clustering and Cloud computing. Network File sharing amongst other services.


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